“Learn continually. There's always 'one more thing' to learn.” - Steve Jobs

Technology For All always believes in sharing knowledge at an affordable price, where everyone has the access to learning cutting-edge technologies. We don't just train, but we get you involved in each & every aspect of the training.

We are proud to announce our collaboration with JAINx, skilling academy for JAIN(Deemed-to-be-University). This collaboration is representative of our shared values and the aim to create a digital revolution in India.

We set out with a motive to make basic technical education accessible for all

Who are we?

What actually does “Cutting-Edge Technology” mean?

Edges in a square such as road turnings, pieces of cloth or a piece of paper are at right angles or they are sharp, thus forcing you to take a 90-degree turn. Supposing the roads have a smooth and curved turning, taking a turn will be smooth and convenient. So cutting an edge removes sharpness and makes things smoother, easier and helps in increasing speed and efficiency, such as in a race track.

At "Technology For All" we apply the same methodology effectively, to make you resourceful with the trending technologies to be adept in making learning accessible and affordable for individuals and so they gain vast knowledge in every advanced 'Cutting-Edge Technology'.

The similarity in our vision, mission and outlook on education prompts our collaboration with JAINx, skilling partner of Jain deemed-to-be-university.

We believe in our motto "TFA - where quality training is affordable" and are successfully living up to it. It is the only measure that drives us in giving quality and effective training with the best industry experts and mentors who can guide you in all aspects and bring expertise in "Cutting-Edge technologies"


Our mission is to provide a platform for students who are passionate about technologies and be future-ready with industry challenges through cost-effective training by deploying our industry experts to go that extra mile and educate the individuals with needed skills to stay ahead of the competition.


Our vision is to be a world-class training platform where everyone can develop enduring programming, analytical, problem-solving skills and become Industry –ready with futuristic orientation, innovation, excellence and commitment.

Courses Offered at Technology For All

Our Full-Stack web development course will teach you how to design and develop complete websites end-to-end.
You will learn how to work on different web development aspects, databases, debugging, and testing.

Data Science: In this fast-growing technical era, Data Science emerges as a viable solution. While some claim that Data Science is the sexiest job of this century, others claim how Data is the new oil! One cannot simply deny that Data Science is intriguing. Therefore join us, learn new algorithms, methodologies, develop new applications, make predictions, business decisions & upskill yourself with futuristic technology. Be a part of this revolution & propel your career!

FSD: Do you want to make interesting and attractive web applications? Technology For All’s Full- Stack Development course is a valuable opportunity for you to explore the world of front-end and back-end coding. Learn the fundamentals of web development and gain in-depth knowledge of the creation of web applications. Join us and get a comprehensive introduction to various topics!

Digital Marketing: As time spent by us on Digital media increases so does the demand for Digital Marketers. Brands can either ‘make it or break it’ on digital platforms! Our Digital Marketing course offers extensive and in-depth knowledge on planning and strategizing, gaining expertise in social media advertising and much more. Learn how to use this digital tool to your advantage. Join TFA and get an understanding of Digital Marketing now!


Technology For All always believes in sharing knowledge at affordable price where everyone should get access to learning cutting-edge technologies, we just don’t teach, we make you involve in each and every aspect you are being taught, help you be innovative in creating projects and case studies, that give you industrial knowledge and professional perspective on analyzing business models.

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